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The World of ORO

With a legacy of 135 years, that transcends the normal and artistry that sets the tone for a generation, ORO’s story spans across generations of creating and manufacturing fine jewellery that is crafted to perfection. Thriving on an ethos of constant innovation and design development, ORO has been on the frontlines of creating contemporary interpretations of traditional compositions. Our world-class expertise, exquisite craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology distinguishes ORO from the rest.

Our Beginnings

Founded in early 2003, ORO has and continues to build its reputation as a trustworthy and innovative gold product manufacturer in India and abroad. Evolved to become the largest machine-made bangle manufacturer in the Indian subcontinent, ORO is a dominant player in the 22kt and 18kt bangle industry serving the eclectic taste of today’s customer. Expanding its operations from Parel, Mumbai to the entire country in 2009, with a further extension overseas through a manufacturing unit in Dubai, UAE in 2010, ORO has been propelled by the drive of constant innovation.
This drive led ORO to further augment its ambitions and became one of the first manufacturers in the world to launch an entire product range of machine-made platinum jewellery, in 2012. From launching a pure 24k gold bangle to creating pure, eternal platinum bangles in association with PGI, ORO continues to push the boundaries of jewellery design in revolutionary ways.With a success that stems from a lineage of global distinction, ORO has evolved from its origins as Raid Jewels Pvt. Ltd. to ORO Precious Metals PVT. LTD in 2021, extending its pioneering legacy in handcrafted bangles with a new-age mastery of machine-led precision.

The Journey Continues

With a belief in creating premium quality collections that doesn’t just cater to current customer demands but anticipate the trends that will command the future, ORO continues to build its reputation around excellence and foresight. Its unique approach in every aspect of the jewellery process from design, merchandise, supply, chain management to after-sales service, has contributed to ORO’s rave reviews from consumers and industry experts alike. Producing nearly 2000 superior quality bangles every single day, ORO has taken the industry by storm, establishing itself as a market leader.

At The Helm

Spearheading ORO’s vision is Mr. Avinash Pahuja and Mr. Ravish Pahuja. While Avinash looks after marketing and operations, Ravish supervises the design and manufacturing, with aspirations to continue to build ORO into a label that stands for design, innovation, quality, craftsmanship, and value deliverables in the jewellery sector. This dynamic duo has built well-developed in-house manufacturing techniques and an efficient network of channel partners spread across the world. Together they have honed ORO’s own techniques, carved a niche for the brand, and made it a force to reckon with in the world’s jewellery landscape.